An adaptive Model of Achilles Tendon Mechanical Properties during Adolescence: Effect of Sex

SUMMARY Background. This longitudinal study aimed to quantify the relative effects of body mass, peak muscle force, maturation and sex on Achilles tendon (AT) mechanical properties and to examine the external factors that trigger mechanical changes, or intrinsic tendon adaptations during adolescence. Methods. We measured AT mechanical properties and dimensions during pre-pubertal and adolescent growth in 41 participants … Continued

A 90 Minute Soccer Match Induces Eccentric Hamstring Muscles Fatigue

SUMMARY Background/Purpose of the study. Hamstring injuries are the most prevalent muscle injuries in both amateur and professional soccer (football) players. Eccentric strength deficits and muscle strength imbalances have been associated with an increased risk of muscle injuries. The current study is a non-randomised observational study investigating whether fatigue significantly reduces peak eccentric strength of the hamstring muscle group. … Continued