Epidemiological Study of Foot and Ankle Injuries in Athletes: A Multivariate Logistic Regression Analysis

SUMMARY Introduction. Understanding the epidemiological profile of foot and ankle‚Äôs injuries in athletes is relevant for the prevention and treatment its occurrence. Objective. To describe the epidemiology and risk factors of foot and ankle injuries in athletes treated at an outpatient sports medicine clinic. The primary hypothesis is that ankle instability is the most frequent … Continued

Osseous Ankle Morphology and Recurrent Lateral Sprains: a Case-Control Study

SUMMARY Background. This study evaluated the relationship between intrinsic osseous ankle morphological characteristics and recurrent lateral ankle sprain history. Methods. Fifty-two patients with recurrent lateral ankle sprain history were age- and sex-matched with 46 healthy control group subjects. Standardized anterior-posterior and lateral ankle-foot radiographs were taken and morphometric tibial arc length (TiAL), ankle stability angle … Continued