Influence of Basic Anthropometric Variables on Pinch Strength of Dominant Hand in Healthy Individuals

SUMMARY Background. Pinch strength is a simple, affordable, and effective way to measure upper-limb function. The study aims to determine how anthropometric variables affect maximal pinch strength in normal individuals. Methods. One hundred and eighteen participants were included in the study using non-probability, non-random convenience sampling technique. The pinch strength was measured three times in … Continued

Upper and Lower Limb Muscle Thickness Measurements in Older Women: Analysis of Variability and Development of Prediction Equations

SUMMARY Purpose. The present study aimed to describe the variability of muscle thickness measures (MT) of arm and thigh muscles, obtained by ultrasound (USD) from community-dwelling healthy older women; and to obtain a predictive equation model for arm, thigh and leg MT based on upper and lower limb circumference measures using a frequentist and Bayesian approach. Methods. Sixty-two … Continued