Upper and Lower Limb Muscle Thickness Measurements in Older Women: Analysis of Variability and Development of Prediction Equations

SUMMARY Purpose. The present study aimed to describe the variability of muscle thickness measures (MT) of arm and thigh muscles, obtained by ultrasound (USD) from community-dwelling healthy older women; and to obtain a predictive equation model for arm, thigh and leg MT based on upper and lower limb circumference measures using a frequentist and Bayesian approach. Methods. Sixty-two … Continued

Association of Regional Bioelectrical Phase Angle with Physical Performance: a Pilot Study in Elite Rowers

SUMMARY Background. This study aimed to examine the association between regional Phase Angle (PhA) and physical performance in athletes where the use of specific body segments is required. Methods. Sixteen elite-level rowers (13 male aged 17.6 ± 2.1 yr; 3 female aged 21.0 ± 4.4 yr) participated in this investigation. Raw bioimpedance parameters were obtained … Continued