Fat Mass as an Independent Variable to Assess the Possibility of Predicting the Stability in Postmenopausal Women with and Without Osteoporosis

SUMMARY Purpose. We investigated the effect of fat mass value (based on skinfold thickness)¬†and body mass index (BMI) on the center of pressure sway to assess the possibility¬†of predicting the stability of postmenopausal women with and without osteoporosis¬†during the standing position. Methods. A total of 78 postmenopausal women participated voluntarily in the study. Postmenopausal (aged … Continued

Comparison of distal versus proximal-distal kinesio taping effects on gait initiation profile in athletes with functional ankle instability

Objective. The objectives of this study were to investigate the impact of two application methods of kinesio taping on gait initiation (GI) profile of athletes with and without functional ankle instability (FAI): 1) distal (applied on the peroneus longus muscle), 2) proximal- distal (applied on gluteus medius and peroneus longus muscles). Methods. Experiment consisted of … Continued