Reliability of Nonlinear Kinematic Analysis in Patients with Functional Ankle Instability During Dual-Task Walking

SUMMARY Objective. This study aimed to determine the intrasession reliability of nonlinear gait kinematic analysis under single and dual-task conditions in individuals with and without Functional ankle instability (FAI). Methods. Individuals with FAI and healthy subjects completed a walking task on a treadmill, with or without performing an auditory Stroop task. The gait kinematic parameters, including the LyE of … Continued

The Effect of Heel Height of Shoe on Ankle Muscle Activation Pattern in Women with Functional Ankle Instability during Stair Descending

SUMMARY Background. Wearing high-heeled shoes (HHS) increases the risk of musculoskeletal disorders, especially in unstable situations. This study was conducted to evaluate the electromyographic (EMG) activity of the ankle muscles during stair descent with HHS in women with and without functional ankle instability (FAI). Methods. In this experimental study, Thirty-six subjects were surveyed in 4 … Continued

Comparison of distal versus proximal-distal kinesio taping effects on gait initiation profile in athletes with functional ankle instability

Objective. The objectives of this study were to investigate the impact of two application methods of kinesio taping on gait initiation (GI) profile of athletes with and without functional ankle instability (FAI): 1) distal (applied on the peroneus longus muscle), 2) proximal- distal (applied on gluteus medius and peroneus longus muscles). Methods. Experiment consisted of … Continued