Reliability of Nonlinear Kinematic Analysis in Patients with Functional Ankle Instability During Dual-Task Walking

SUMMARY Objective. This study aimed to determine the intrasession reliability of nonlinear gait kinematic analysis under single and dual-task conditions in individuals with and without Functional ankle instability (FAI). Methods. Individuals with FAI and healthy subjects completed a walking task on a treadmill, with or without performing an auditory Stroop task. The gait kinematic parameters, including the LyE of … Continued

Tai Chi and Yoga Performance Prior to Eccentric Exercise Benefits Older Adults with Chronic Conditions. A Pilot Study

SUMMARY Background. Previous research indicates that eccentric contraction (ECC) exercise training was more effective for improving the muscle strength, mobility, balance, and postural stability of older adults compared to the concentric contraction (CON) exercise training. Chair yoga (CY) and tai chi (TC) popularity have grown tremendously in the past several years to treat older adults with chronic conditions. The … Continued