Hamstring Injury Epidemiology in the National Basketball Association Over a Five-Year Period

SUMMARY Purpose. Professional basketball players are subject to lower extremity injuries given the physical nature of the game, which can impact career longevity. To report the epidemiology of hamstring injuries in National Basketball Association (NBA) players from 2016-2021 and to assess their effect on performance. Methods. Online injury databases were searched to identify hamstring injuries … Continued

A 90 Minute Soccer Match Induces Eccentric Hamstring Muscles Fatigue

SUMMARY Background/Purpose of the study. Hamstring injuries are the most prevalent muscle injuries in both amateur and professional soccer (football) players. Eccentric strength deficits and muscle strength imbalances have been associated with an increased risk of muscle injuries. The current study is a non-randomised observational study investigating whether fatigue significantly reduces peak eccentric strength of the hamstring muscle group. … Continued

Evolution of isokinetic strength and return to sport after proximal hamstring rupture without surgical repair: a retrospective series of cases

Introduction. Proximal ruptures of hamstrings are rare. Their evolution in absence of surgery is relatively unknown. We aimed to describe the evolution of patients with non-operated proximal hamstring ruptures, in terms of strength recovery, self-satisfaction and return to sport. Methods. We included retrospectively 16 patients addressed for isokinetic strength evaluation of the hamstrings after non-operated … Continued