Ligamentum Teres and its Analog in the Hip Endoprosthesis – Necessary or Superfluous? A Systematic Review

SUMMARY Background. Dislocation of hip endoprosthesis remains a common and serious complication of arthroplastic interventions. One of the ways to prevent endoprosthesis dislocation is to integrate a ligamentum teres analog into its design. Purpose. Reviewing international experience in the design, development and insertion of hip endoprosthesis with the native ligamentum teres or its analog. Materials and methods. A … Continued

The anatomical characteristics of Vietnamese adult hip joint: a multiplanar reconstruction computer tomographic study

Background. The present study evaluated some anatomical characteristics of the acetabulum and proximal femur in the hips of adult asymptomatic Vietnamese individuals. Methods. We used 32 slice computed tomographic system with a multiplanar reconstruction (MPR CT) protocol to evaluate several parameters of the acetabulum and proximal femur, including Acetabular diameter (ADi), Acetabular depth (ADe), Acetabular … Continued