Injuries Associated to Subtalar Dislocation: A Systematic Review

SUMMARY Introduction. About 1% of all ankle dislocations are subtalar dislocations (SD), a rare kind of injury. The talocalcaneal and talonavicular joints dislocate simultaneously in SD, although the tibiotalar and calcaneocuboid joints stay intact. Ankle and foot radiographs taken from the front, posterior, lateral, and oblique views are typically used to diagnose subtalar dislocation. fractures … Continued

Changes in Proprioceptive Control in the Menstrual Cycle: a Risk Factor for Injuries? A Proof-of-Concept Study

SUMMARY Introduction. Over the past three decades, there has been an increase in female sport participation attributable to the growing development and investment in professional women’s sports. For an effective preventive strategy, it is necessary to analyze all risk factors that expose women to a higher probability of incurring injuries. The aim of our study … Continued

Injuries in Mountain Biking and Implications for Care

SUMMARY Introduction. Mountain biking is a popular recreational activity that has a significant potential for injury. Methods. This review paper integrates research studies and expert opinion. It examines the various types of mountain biking, associated patterns of injury, trends in the sport, impact on medical services, and expanded roles for health professionals in promoting preventive … Continued