A 90 Minute Soccer Match Induces Eccentric Hamstring Muscles Fatigue

SUMMARY Background/Purpose of the study. Hamstring injuries are the most prevalent muscle injuries in both amateur and professional soccer (football) players. Eccentric strength deficits and muscle strength imbalances have been associated with an increased risk of muscle injuries. The current study is a non-randomised observational study investigating whether fatigue significantly reduces peak eccentric strength of the hamstring muscle group. … Continued

Injury Prevention in The Sport of Surfing: An Update

SUMMARY Background. The aim of this study is to review the literature on surfing injuries, with a focus on severe injuries, big-wave surfing and injury prevention. Methods. A literature search of the MEDLINE database from 1980 to present via Pubmed and OVID was done using the terms surfing, bodyboarding, bodysurfing, injury and injuries. Relevant books … Continued

Distal Thigh Compression Garment Improves Female Athlete Knee Control and Sports Movement Safety Perceptions

SUMMARY Introduction. This study measured knee frontal plane projection angle (FPPA) and sports safety and performance perceptions of female athletes during a single leg forward hop down and stabilization (SLFHS) for 3 conditions (standard knee sleeve, no device and distal thigh compression garment (DTCG)). The hypothesis was that the DTCG group would display superior dynamic … Continued