Prevalence and Radiological Features of Fabella in a Saudi Arabian Population

SUMMARY Background. The fabella, a sesamoid bone in the posterolateral aspect of the knee, induces clinical conditions. Considering its ethnic variations and surgical importance, we measured the dimensions and recorded the prevalence of fabella in a Saudi popu¬≠lation. This study aims to compare the features of fabella in Saudis with other popula¬≠tions and to test … Continued

Effect of Mechanical Traction and Therapeutic Exercises in Treatment of Primary Knee Osteoarthritis

SUMMARY Background. Knee osteoarthritis is a degenerative disorder causing pain and disability. It is distinguishable by cartilage degeneration and joint space loss. Therapeutic exercises are an established treatment option for knee osteoarthritis. Mechanical knee traction is a novel method that allows for transient unloading of the knee joint. Purpose. To compare between the effect of … Continued