Results of Lisfranc’s Surgery in Athletic Patients

SUMMARY Background. Early detection and treatment of Lisfranc injuries in the athletic population is paramount for successful return to sport as well as outcome. The present study evaluates surgical interventions for these types of injuries as well as return to activity (RTA), function and post-operative degenerative joint disease. Methods. The data from nineteen patients prospectively … Continued

Dynamic Lisfranc Joint Repair Concept: Surgical Technique for a Synthetic Neoligamentplasty

SUMMARY Background. Isolated Lisfranc ligament and some other combined ligament injuries to the Lisfranc Joint Complex are frequently found in clinical practice, and surgical treatment is commonly indicated. In order to achieve favorable outcomes following the repair of Lisfranc injuries, a successful anatomical reduction is required. Various fixation methods currently exist such as screw fixation, … Continued