Peripheral Muscle Function and Myoelectric Activity of the Suprahyoid Region in Deglutition of Post-COVID-19 Patients

SUMMARY Objective. To investigate the prevalence of sarcopenia and its association with myoelec­tric activity of the SH region in post-COVID-19 patients, stratified by disease severity and gender. Methods. A cross-sectional study conducted in the post-COVID-19 Outpatient Clinic of a University Hospital. The following outcomes were assessed: swallowing (Dyspha­gia Risk Evaluation Protocol), electromyography of the SH … Continued

Incidence of Accessory Brachialis Muscle, Variations in its Insertion and Relation with Surrounding Neurovascular Structures

SUMMARY Background. Accessory brachialis (AcBr) muscle can compromise the surrounding neurovascular structures due its variable insertion. In this context, the objective of the present study was to determine the incidence of AcBr muscle, variation of its insertion and relation with surrounding neurovascular structures. Methods. The study was performed in 84 formalin fixed human cadaveric upper … Continued

The Relationship between Active and Passive Flexibility of the Knee Flexors

SUMMARY Background. Hamstrings flexibility measurements are of both, research and clinical relevance for evaluation of the training progression, prognosis of acute hamstrings injuries and monitoring recovery from such injuries. The active knee extension test and the passive knee extension test are widely used for hamstrings flexibility evaluation. However, they are based on different neurophysiological mechanisms. Objective. The aim of this … Continued

Morphological variants of pes anserinus in South India

Background. It was described that variations exist in the pes anserinus tendons. In this study, our aim was to observe the variations of the pes anserinus in South Indians. Methods. We examined 53 embalmed human adult lower extremities. The pes anserinus was macroscopically observed for the morphological variants after dissecting the tendons which inserted at … Continued