Effects of Subscapularis Muscle Dry Needling on clinical symptom improvement in People with Frozen Shoulder: A Randomized Controlled Trial Protocol

SUMMARY Background. Frozen shoulder is one of the major complaints among mid-aged and elderly populations and its initial symptoms are common with the initial symptoms of myofascial trigger points (MTrPs) of the subscapularis. Developing MTrPs of theĀ  subscapularis is prevalent and may aggravate frozen shoulder manifestations. Dry needling (DN), as a new approach, can deactivate … Continued

Short-Term Outcome of Focused Shock Wave Therapy for Sural Myofascial Pain Syndrome associated with Plantar Fasciitis: a Randomized Controlled Trial

SUMMARY Background. This study aims to describe prevalence and clinical features of the sural myofascial pain syndrome (SMPS) in a population affected by plantar fasciitis and to investigate if a shock wave treatment extended to the gastrocnemius-soleus trigger points is more effective in speeding up the improvement of heel pain and sural myofascial pain than … Continued