Relation Between Components of Oral Health and Sarcopenia in Older Adults: a Narrative Review

SUMMARY Introduction. With the growing population of older adults, a spike in the problems related to aging is expected, with sarcopenia being the foremost. Among the plethora of factors contributing to the development of sarcopenia, oral hypofunction is one among them and there is a growing number of findings on the link between oral health and sarcopenia. However, the … Continued

Tai Chi and Yoga Performance Prior to Eccentric Exercise Benefits Older Adults with Chronic Conditions. A Pilot Study

SUMMARY Background. Previous research indicates that eccentric contraction (ECC) exercise training was more effective for improving the muscle strength, mobility, balance, and postural stability of older adults compared to the concentric contraction (CON) exercise training. Chair yoga (CY) and tai chi (TC) popularity have grown tremendously in the past several years to treat older adults with chronic conditions. The … Continued