Postural Control Pre- and Post-Group Supervised Clinic Based Exercise or Home Based Exercise in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis: A Randomized Clinical Trial

SUMMARY Background. Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is a chronic, multifactorial and progressive disease that decreases range of motion and flexibility and alters proprioception and postural control. Postural control provides stability and conditions to assume and maintain the desired body position. In OA patients, this postural control is diminished along with overall functional capacity, and physical exercise … Continued

Influence of Exercise on Musculoskeletal Disorders Associated with Gut Microbiota: A Narrative Review

SUMMARY The gut microbiota, a collection of populations of gut microbes, is responsible for a range of metabolic, immunological, structural and neurological functions, such as maintenance of metabolic homeostasis, development and maturation of the immune system, resistance to infection and production of neurotransmitters, microbial dysbiosis, defined as a negative alteration in the diversity, structure or … Continued

Conversion to Knee Arthroplasty Following Intra-Articular Injection of Microfragmented Adipose Tissue in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis

SUMMARY Background. Few studies have investigated the need for additional treatment after use of intra-articular injection of microfragmented adipose tissue (MFAT) in treatment of knee osteoarthritis. We assessed the rate of conversion to knee arthroplasty and 1-year clinical outcomes after intra-articular injection of MFAT for knee osteoarthritis. Methods. We retrospectively reviewed data from consecutive patients … Continued

A Single-blind Randomised Trial of Intra-Articular Hyaluronic Acid, Hypertonic Saline, and Physiotherapy in Knee Osteoarthritis

SUMMARY Background. Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is an age-related progressive condition that has resulted in a significant burden worldwide. In this survey, we aimed to compare intra-articular hypertonic saline (HS) and hyaluronic acid (HA) safety and efficacy in the pain and function improvement of patients suffering from knee OA. Eventually, we made a comparison with physical … Continued

Morphological and Topographic Anatomy of Sesamoid Bones of Human Thumb

SUMMARY Background. The objective of the present study was to study the morphology and topography of the sesamoid bones of the thumb in a sample south Indian population. Methods. The present study included 25 formalin fixed human cadaveric thumbs, the metacarpo-phalangeal and inter-phalangeal joints of the thumb were dissected. The number of sesamoid bones and … Continued

Mid Term Effects of a Single Injection versus Three Injections of Hyaluronic Acid in Patients with Rhizarthrosis

SUMMARY Background. To compare the effects of a single intra-articular injection of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (LMWHA) versus 3 injections of the same LMWHA in patients affected by rhizarthrosis. Methods. 40 patients received ultrasound (US) guided injections of LMW HA: Group A (20 patients) injections with 1 ml HA; Group B (20 patients) once … Continued