Influence of Exercise on Musculoskeletal Disorders Associated with Gut Microbiota: A Narrative Review

SUMMARY The gut microbiota, a collection of populations of gut microbes, is responsible for a range of metabolic, immunological, structural and neurological functions, such as maintenance of metabolic homeostasis, development and maturation of the immune system, resistance to infection and production of neurotransmitters, microbial dysbiosis, defined as a negative alteration in the diversity, structure or … Continued

Fat Mass as an Independent Variable to Assess the Possibility of Predicting the Stability in Postmenopausal Women with and Without Osteoporosis

SUMMARY Purpose. We investigated the effect of fat mass value (based on skinfold thickness)¬†and body mass index (BMI) on the center of pressure sway to assess the possibility¬†of predicting the stability of postmenopausal women with and without osteoporosis¬†during the standing position. Methods. A total of 78 postmenopausal women participated voluntarily in the study. Postmenopausal (aged … Continued