Investigating the Effects of Physical Therapy Timing, Intensity and Duration on Post-Traumatic Joint Contracture in a Rat Elbow Model

SUMMARY Background. Post-traumatic joint contracture (PTJC), characterized by loss of motion and permanent stiffness, affects up to 50% of patients following elbow joint dislo¬≠cation or fracture. Mechanisms governing successful conservative treatment methods aimed at preventing elbow PTJC and avoiding operative treatments (e.g., physical therapy) are poorly understood. Using a previously established rat model of elbow … Continued

The Effectiveness of Physiotherapy in Idiopathic or Primary Frozen Shoulder: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

SUMMARY Objective. The objective of this work was to evaluate the effectiveness of physiotherapy in individuals affected by primary or idiopathic frozen shoulder, considering only studies that employed a randomized controlled trial. Methods. A systematic review and meta-analysis were carried out according to PRISMA guidelines. Three bibliographic databases were searched: MEDLINE, Cochrane Library and PEDro. … Continued