Investigating the Effects of Physical Therapy Timing, Intensity and Duration on Post-Traumatic Joint Contracture in a Rat Elbow Model

SUMMARY Background. Post-traumatic joint contracture (PTJC), characterized by loss of motion and permanent stiffness, affects up to 50% of patients following elbow joint dislo¬≠cation or fracture. Mechanisms governing successful conservative treatment methods aimed at preventing elbow PTJC and avoiding operative treatments (e.g., physical therapy) are poorly understood. Using a previously established rat model of elbow … Continued

The Immediate Effect of Muscle Energy Technique and Whole Body Vibration on Hamstring Muscle Flexibility and Stiffness in Healthy Young Females

SUMMARY Background. High prevalence of hamstring injury is attributable to the lack of efficient flexibility, and different methods are suggested for increasing its flexibility. Therefore, the present study investigated two methods in healthy young females, Muscle Energy Technique (MET) and Whole Body Vibration (WBV) on flexibility and Hamstring Muscle Stiffness. Materials and methods. Fifty-six young … Continued