Flexor Tendon Repair with Fast-Absorbable Sutures: A Rupture Incidence-Focused Analysis of a Case Series and a Review

SUMMARY Hand flexor tendon repair with absorbable sutures has the advantage of leaving no foreign material within the tendon. However, clinical application of degradable materials in flexor tendon repair is limited to slow-absorbable PDS or Maxon sutures and commonly does not involve fast-absorbable sutures, probably, because of fear of ruptures. Meanwhile, a small number of … Continued

Clinical and Functional Comparison between Anatomical and Non-Anatomical Acute Repair of Tears of the Distal Tendon of Biceps Brachii

SUMMARY Aim. The aim of this study was to investigate whether the anatomical reconstruction on the radial tuberosity could be superior to the non-anatomical repair by tenodesis on brachialis, in terms of clinical outcomes and isokinetic evaluation to treat distal biceps brachii tendon ruptures. Methods. We retrospectively evaluated 36 patients at the final follow up; … Continued