Clinical and Functional Comparison between Anatomical and Non-Anatomical Acute Repair of Tears of the Distal Tendon of Biceps Brachii

SUMMARY Aim. The aim of this study was to investigate whether the anatomical reconstruction on the radial tuberosity could be superior to the non-anatomical repair by tenodesis on brachialis, in terms of clinical outcomes and isokinetic evaluation to treat distal biceps brachii tendon ruptures. Methods. We retrospectively evaluated 36 patients at the final follow up; … Continued

Chronic Distal Triceps Brachii Tendon Ruptures. A Systematic Review of Surgical Procedures and Outcomes

SUMMARY Background. Chronic and neglected ruptures of distal triceps brachii tendon (TBT), for different reasons, are rarer than acute ruptures. We aimed to review the literature about their surgical treatment and outcome to better understand how to address this kind of rare tendon injuries. Sources of data. Published articles in English in PubMed, Scopus and … Continued

Patient-Reported Outcome and Healing Biomarkers in Patients Treated by Female versus Male Surgeons – A cohort study on Achilles tendon ruptures

SUMMARY Background. Woman and men practice medicine differently. One recent study showed that patients operated on by female surgeons exhibited better outcome. We hypothesized that the sex of the surgeon would not affect patient outcome, adverse events and the biological processes of healing after surgical repair of Achilles tendon rupture (ATR). Methods. A total of … Continued

The efficacy of knee orthoses following anterior cruciate ligament injury. Review of literature

Background. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) plays a significant role in controlling anterior tibial translation and rotation. A variety of treatment approaches, including knee orthoses, are used to restore the performance of subjects with ACL injuries. The aim of this review is to explore the efficiency of knee orthoses on the functional performance (walking, standing, … Continued