Calcium is Involved in Necroptosis Through the Expression of Phospho-MLKL in Skeletal Muscle Cell in Mice

SUMMARY Necroptosis is programmed cell death similar to necrosis, which is mediated by meticulous protein interactions such as those in apoptosis. Essentially, because it is a reaction to inflammation, necroptosis functions similarly to apoptosis and it is thought that necroptosis is an alternative cell death pathway when apoptosis cannot function for some reason. However, the research history of … Continued

Whole-Body Vibration Promotes Beneficial Changes on the Anterior Tibial Muscle Histomorphometry of Hypothalamic Obese Rats

SUMMARY Background. Due to the deleterious effects of obesity on muscle tissue and the search for tools to reverse these losses, it is important to understand the effect of physical exercises on the muscle structure of obese individuals. This study aimed to analyze the effect of whole-body vibration (WBV) on the histomorphological parameters of the … Continued