Inter-rater Reliability of Sports Medicine Physicians to Assess Healthy Individuals’ Patellar Tendon with Conventional Ultrasound and Shear-wave Elastography

SUMMARY To evaluate the reproducibility of shear-wave elastography, thickness, power doppler, and hypoechoic region assessments taken from the different parts of the patellar tendon among sports medicine clinicians. Twenty-one healthy, physically active individuals with dominant legs were included in the study. Shear-wave elastography, thickness, power doppler, and hypoechoic area assessment were evaluated from the proximal, middle, and distal part … Continued

Radial versus Combined Shockwave Therapy in the Management of Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy: Similar Functional Outcomes in Running Cohort

SUMMARY Background. Proximal hamstring tendinopathy is a common cause of gluteal pain. Extracorporeal shockwave therapy may be an effective treatment in proximal hamstring tendinopathy. However, published outcomes are primarily limited to evaluating radial shockwave, and the use of combined treatment (focus and radial treatment) and outcomes for management in runners are not well described. The … Continued

Quantitative Weight Bearing and non-weight Bearing Measures of Stiffness in the Achilles Tendon and Gastrocnemius Muscle

SUMMARY Objectives. To establish quantitative values of stiffness for the Achilles tendon (AT) and Gastrocnemius muscle (GM) in participants weight bearing and non-weight bearing. Methods. Measurements of 25 participants taken bilaterally at 8 points along the AT, and 2 points at the GM included: Natural Oscillation frequency (F), dynamic stiffness (S), mechanical stress relaxation time … Continued