Static Stretching at Pain-Tolerated Intensity Is Not Necessary to Increase Knee Range of Motion in Amateur Soccer Players: a Randomized Trial

ABSTRACT Background. Stretching exercises are commonly used in warm-up routines before sports practice. However, there is a lack of evidence regarding the optimal intensity at which passive stretching should be performed in soccer players. This study investiĀ­gated the acute and chronic effects of different static stretching intensities on the knee ROM, passive torque and functional … Continued

An Ecological Dynamics Perspective of Return to Play Decision-Making for Extreme Sport Athletes

SUMMARY Background. Extreme sport participation occurs for many reasons. A commonality for many is the high risk of serious injury or death, particularly in association with mismanaged execution. Methods. This review describes a conceptual return to play decision-making model for extreme sport athletes based on considerations of ecological dynamics. Result. In guiding the extreme sport … Continued

Rodeo Injuries: The Role of Safety Equipment

SUMMARY Background. Rodeo is an inherently dangerous competition and the equipment utilized to reduce the risk of injury is not well defined in the existing literature. Methods. A systematic review of the literature published between 1990 and 2018 was conducted and combined with personal and anecdotal reports to review and assess the role that protective … Continued