Coordination of the Sub-Regions of the Supraspinatus and Deltoid Muscles During Shoulder Scaption: a Shear Wave Elastography Study

SUMMARY Background. Understanding the functional role of the supraspinatus (SSP) and deltoid muscles during shoulder motion is a basis for understanding rotator cuff pathology and for the development of appropriate rehabilitation protocols. The purpose of this study was to elucidate the coordination, focusing on activation timing, of the sub-re­gions of the SSP muscle and of … Continued

Can Supraspinatus Tears Contribute to Acquired Subcoracoid Impingement? A Radiological Study of Anterosuperior Cuff Tears

SUMMARY Backgroud. Many subscapularis (SubS) lesions represent the result of the progression of anterosuperior cuff tears, although their pathophysiology is still relatively unknown. The goal of this paper was to determine the influence of supraspinatus tears in the development of subcoracoid impingement and therefore SubS tears. Methods. This is a retrospective, controlled and single-blinded study. We analyzed 301 patients … Continued