The Italian Consensus Conference on FAI Syndrome in Athletes (Cotignola Agreement)

SUMMARY Background. Femoro-acetabular impingement (FAI) is an important topic in literature because of its strong relationship with sport populations. Methods. Sixty-five experts participated in “this Consensus Conference (CC)”. They discussed, voted and approved a consensus document on the FAI syndrome in athletes. Results. The CC experts approved document provided suggestions concerning: 1) Epidemiology of FAI; … Continued

Surgical treatment of muscle injury. A review of current literature and indications

SUMMARY Introduction. Muscles lesions are common sport-related injuries. They are usually treated conservatively with good outcomes. However, large structural muscle injuries (type 4 according to I.S.Mu.L.T. classification) are a challenge for physicians. Often, patients may suffer from discomfort and residual pain, functional impairment, and the rate of complications and re-injury rate is high. Furthermore, the … Continued

Healing of partial-thickness rotator cuff tears following arthroscopic augmentation with a highly-porous collagen implant: a 5-year clinical and MRI follow-up

Background. The purpose of this study was to review patients with intermediate- and high-grade partial-thickness rotator cuff tears at 5 years following insertion of a highly- porous collagen implant on the bursal surface of the cuff to determine the durability of the clinical results and structural integrity of the healed tendons compared to their previously … Continued