Injury Risk and Maturity Status in Italian Elite Young Football Player

SUMMARY Background. Football is one of the world’s most popular sport with most players being younger than 18 years. Playing football can induce beneficial health effects in youth, but there is also a high risk of injury. In young football players, the relationship between injury risk in the different periods from peak height velocity (PHV) … Continued

Rodeo Injuries: The Role of Safety Equipment

SUMMARY Background. Rodeo is an inherently dangerous competition and the equipment utilized to reduce the risk of injury is not well defined in the existing literature. Methods. A systematic review of the literature published between 1990 and 2018 was conducted and combined with personal and anecdotal reports to review and assess the role that protective … Continued

Injury Patterns and Wilderness Medical Preparedness in BASE Jumping

SUMMARY Background. The risks of BASE jumping are due both to its high inherent risk and the austere locations in which jumpers are often injured. Despite this, emergency management education and resources are lacking for BASE jumpers. We seek to highlight a category of treatable incidents whose outcomes could be improved through Emergency medical education … Continued