Muscle Mass Loss in Mechanically Ventilated Critically Ill Patients in Intensive Care Unit

SUMMARY Background. Muscle mass can be an important predictor for survival in critical illness, and there is no universally acknowledged approach for routinely assessing low muscularity at ICU admission. We aimed to identify patients with low muscularity and investigate whether ultrasound muscle mass measurements changed during the ICU stay. Materials and methods. We performed a retrospective analysis … Continued

Morphological Changes and Pathological Findings in the Achilles Tendons of Diabetic Patients: A Meta-Analysis of Comparative Clinical Studies

SUMMARY Objective. There is a greater risk of tendon rupture requiring hospitalization in people with diabetes. Diabetes could induce substantial alteration in Achilles tendon (AT) that could affect its mechanical properties mainly in relation to gait and foot ulceration. Many studies reported AT morphological changes using diagnostic methods in clinical settings. However, there is no quantitative synthesis of the published … Continued

Ultrasound-Guided Injection of Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid versus Steroid for Inflammatory and Degenerative Sacroiliitis: a Single-Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial

SUMMARY Background. Sacroiliitis may be degenerative (DSI) or inflammatory (ISI) and the latter is a clinical manifestation of spondyloarthropathies. Objective. To determine the effect of hyaluronic acid versus corticosteroid injection for chronic sacroiliac joint arthropathy. Methods. Forty patients with sacroiliitis either degenerative (DSI: 20 patients) or inflammatory (ISI: 20 patients) based on the New York criteria. Each group … Continued

Inter-rater Reliability of Sports Medicine Physicians to Assess Healthy Individuals’ Patellar Tendon with Conventional Ultrasound and Shear-wave Elastography

SUMMARY To evaluate the reproducibility of shear-wave elastography, thickness, power doppler, and hypoechoic region assessments taken from the different parts of the patellar tendon among sports medicine clinicians. Twenty-one healthy, physically active individuals with dominant legs were included in the study. Shear-wave elastography, thickness, power doppler, and hypoechoic area assessment were evaluated from the proximal, middle, and distal part … Continued

Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders among Sonologists during the Pre-COVID-19 and Present COVID-19 Era: a Survey and Review of Best Practices

SUMMARY Background. Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs) have become an increasing cause of concern among sonologists. In this study, we evaluate the incidence and risk factors for WRMSDs among sonologists in the pre-COVID-19 and present COVID-19 era while identifying high-risk zones for WRMSDs and providing a brief review of optimal working conditions to avoid WRMSDs. Methods. … Continued

Ultrasonographic Guided Intra Articular Steroid versus Hyaluronic Acid in Adhesive Capsulitis with and without Suprascapular Nerve Block: a Randomized Controlled Trial

SUMMARY Objective. To compare the effictiveness of intra articular injection (IAI) of steroid and HA with or without Suprascapular nerve block (SSNB) in the management of AC. Patients and methods. Randomized controlled trial involved 80 patients (62 women and 18 men) clinically diagnosed as having adhesive capsulitis divided into 2 main groups: intra articular injection … Continued

Ultrasound Guided Dry Needling for Treatment of Patients with Jumper’s Knee: a Study Protocol for Randomized Controlled Trial

SUMMARY Background. Jumper’s knee, also known as Patellar tendinopathy (PT) is an overuse injury in athletes from various sports especially involving high impact activities. It is degenerative disease, associated with pain and dysfunction in activities that load the patellar tendon. The aim of this study is to find the effects of ultrasound guided dry needling … Continued